Widgets in WordPress

Widgets are part of the “secret sauce” that make a WordPress site yours. Dropping a text block, your latest tweets, and a menu into one of your site’s sidebars is one of the core features used for customizing the content of your WordPress site. With an aim to redesign the way widgets work in WordPress 3.8, I'm looking to you fine folks to find the biggest pain points and the best ideas. Please take a few minutes and answer the questions below. Thanks for your help!

What do you like about the existing widgets screen in wp-admin?

Whats the hardest part of working with widgets in wp-admin?

Try to focus on a single "thing" that you find hard to accomplish.

How often do you add a new widget to a sidebar?

How often do you change an existing widget?

How many sidebars does your theme offer?

What would you do to make the widgets screen easier to use?

This is pretty open-ended. Use this question to share your hopes and dreams about widgets in WordPress. :)